Masterclass for Children by AK Trio

Throughout Andreas’ career he has enjoyed teaching guitar, first at the Kapsalis Music Shoppe in Glen Ellyn, and later at Elgin Community College, Glencoe School of Music, and Northwestern University Mini Courses. Andreas also does workshops and gives Masterclasses in Europe, Asia, and the United States, and gives private guitar lessons at all levels and ages.

Being a self-taught guitarist has given Andreas a unique perspective as a teacher and as a student of music as well.  To gain a full understanding of the guitar he believes music theory and ear training should be taught alongside the technical rudiments of the guitar in order to excel as a young professional or hobbiest.  His approach to teaching guitar is based on the philosophy that everyone comprehends and learns in their own unique way and that, whether it be basic rudiments, advanced techniques, or even music theory, no one person learns the same. The best way to enhance a student’s learning experience is to focus on his individual strengths.

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Masterclasses and Workshops

Andreas Kapsalis Online Masterclass

Guitarist and composer Andreas Kapsalis discusses his guitar setup, technical development, composition, style, and more in this free online Masterclass.

Other Masterclasses and Workshops

Andreas Kapsalis teaching a Masterclass in Michigan

Andreas enjoys doing Masterclasses and Workshops on a variety of topics, such as his various extended techniques used in compositions, basic techniques of two hand tapping, etc. These classes and workshops can be arranged at a school, library, club, or any other location that would be convenient for the attendees.

The photo on the left is from a Masterclass he did in Michigan for over 20 aspiring and seasoned guitarists, teaching them his tapping techniques and how to use the echo chamber of an acoustic guitar to create percussive effects while creating melodies.

For information on how to set up a Workshop and/or Masterclass please contact kapsalis76@gmail.com.

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Other Educational Opportunities with Andreas Kapsalis

Glencoe Academy of Music

Andreas is currently on the faculty of Glencoe Acadamy of Music, 336 Park Ave. Glencoe, IL 60022, phone 847-835-7777, website http://www.glencoeacademyofmusic.com. Students located near Chicago's North Shore who are interested in being taught by Andreas should contact Glencoe Academy of Music.

Kapsalis Guitar Studio

  • Private guitar instruction
  • Group guitar lessons (no more than 4 individuals per group)
  • Home school network friendly program
  • Lessons can be provided in your home within DuPage and Cook County or in a convenient location 20 miles west of Chicago.

For information on how to set up a Workshop and/or Masterclass at your school as well all inquiries for private instruction please contact kapsalis76@gmail.com.

Skype Lessons

All ages and levels are welcome.  Skype enables detailed, concise, informative, and fun lessons from the comfort of your home, no matter what the distance. Skype to Skype calls are free, and the software is free. Just go to http://www.skype.com/en to download the software for your operating system and install it. The only requirements for Skype lessons are:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Decent webcam
  • Microphone and speakers or a headset
  • Guitar
  • A good attitude.

Please contact kapsalis76@gmail.com for additional information in setting up Skype classes.