"ANASTASI" – NEW CD – 2015

Anastasi CD by Andreas Kapsalis

My new CD "Anastasi" is now available online through CD Baby – just click on http://cdbaby.com/andreaskapsalis – and also through Amazon.com. Thank you everybody for your encouragement and support; it means so much!

I also have copies of my CDs available to purchase at all of my performances. Additional information about my CDs is on my Music page.

The titles on "Anastasi" are:

1.  Ethnos
2.  Vortex
3.  Orchid Constellation
4.  Baeldon Von Stirlingshire
5.  Anastasi

6.  Cymbalina
7.  Dr. Rhinoceros
8.  Anthem for the Unborn
9.  Arcadian Blues
10. Toy Gemini



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No tour dates are presently scheduled for AKGI Duo (Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic).




Andreas Kapsalis Trio  

The Andreas Kapsalis trio is another of my projects. Click here for more information.


The Andreas Kapsalis Trio performing "Nubian" on the Acoustic
Chicago DVD, which is available for purchase on iTunes and

Dave Brubeck:

"I am very impressed that Andreas could cover on guitar what I had written for piano. It is quite amazing to hear my own music performed by great instrumentalists."





"Orchid Constellation" composed and played by Andreas Kapsalis


Composed by Andreas Kapsalis, performed by AKGI Duo.